laser processing, marking & machining

Including high powered lasers, athermal laser machining and laser marking.

additive & subtractive manufacturing

Including wire EDM cutting, surface finishing and rapid prototyping.

thermomechanical processing

Including SMA training, shape setting, heat treatment and wire drawing.

High power lasers

With up to 6-axis of high-precision laser processing for cutting and joining, we have a broad selection of laser systems to meet any challenge.

Athermal laser cutting

Next generation micro-machining technique using high-precision, ultra-short pulses for cutting intricate geometries with no heat affected zone.

Laser marking

Add identifying marks and images to metallic and non-metallic surfaces.

Wire EDM

A practical, accurate and repeatable method for machining small, tight tolerance and high-precision components from hard-to-machine materials.

Surface Finishing

Laser etching, electropolishing and passivation processes for micro-smooth, corrosion and bacteria resistant surfaces.

Rapid Prototyping

Ensure product and project’s viability with multiple successive iterations using our rapid capabilities, including CNC machining and 3D printing.

Thermomechanical Processing

SMA Training

Mechanical and thermal cycling techniques to stabilize and train SMAs before implementation for complex or simple geometries.

Shape Setting

Rapid fixture design, heat treatment and thermal analysis techniques along with deep knowledge of SMA to provide expert shape setting procedure development and processing.

Heat Treatment

Single piece or batch processing in air or inert environments for tuned material properties.

Wire Drawing

Fine wire processing using instrumented drawing equipment to attain cold work reduction through single stage or multistage step downs.

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